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Sapha is an organisation that represents registered nurses and other health care workers in hospitals, nursing homes, blood banks and clinics in the public and private sector in the Southern african region.

We have an executive board and dedicated members of staff, who live and abide by good values. Our continuing mission to ensure our vision and mission is accomplished. For those new and commited professions we have programs designed to lead and assist in their wellbeing, we have roles in all establishments to build them up and enhance their experience. Conferences and meetings for students and reputable professionals are readily organised and easily accessible for all members of health community.

Project is to strengthen quality assurance policies governing the education and well being of health professionals in Africa as a whole, through:
  1. Rationalizing and assuring competency focused accreditation of public and private health professional training institutions
  2. Developing national competency standards and testing procedures for certification and licensing of health professionals, and
  3. Building institutional capacity to employ results based grants for encouraging use of


  • COORDINATORS TEAM under Coordinator of Coordinators
  • Research and Publication Coordinator
  • Internship and job creation Coordinator
  • Conferences and events Coordinator
  • Student Support Coordinator
  • Universities affiliates Coordinator
  • EDITORS TEAM under Communication and Marketing/ Research and Publication
  • Editor in chief (Member of the Executive board)
  • Four writers (Editorial board)



Universities Associations are Sapha's Public Health Research base and professional training support and growth ground. Sapha would like to partner with Universities and give them opportunities to communicate and exchange within the region

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